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Sweet Crimson Night & Amethyst Night

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On May 2, 2019, I posted the following picture to Instagram with this caption

"Here are some radishes we've been selecting for the last 10 years. We crossed black radishes with watermelon radishes. Hopefully we will be releasing these this fall!"

The next morning we had about 400 likes and dozens of comments.

We had never had such social media enthusiasm.

One thing for sure. Folks were excited about this radish.

And we had to do what we could do get this radis into your hands.

We also needed a name ...

So here we are in January 2020 and it is time for the big reveal

Sweet Crimson Night & Amethyst Night Radishes

These winter radishes are black on the outside and red or purple on the inside.

This year we selling a mix of the two varieties. Next year, we will probably sell each colour separately.

Warning 1
This has been a 10 year project, and it's not quite done.

There is still some diversity in this population. About 30% of the radishes won't have the black outside or might not have the colour inside. Below is a picture of some of that diversity.

Warning 2
These are winter radishes. That means you should not sow them before July 14. They will be ready to harvest in the fall.