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Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

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Lemon Drop Peppers  are one of Dan's favourite peppers.

Why does he love them?

Let him count the ways

  1. Yellow
  2. Just hot enough
  3. Zesty lemon taste

At about 40 000 Scovilles, Lemon Drop Peppers have solid heat without being overbearing. This is the same ballpark as a cayenne but with zesty flavour

When transplanted around June 1, expect green fruit around late August and yellow mature fruit near the end of September. (The green fruit also has a lemon taste!)

If your season is a bit short, you can pot these plants up and move them inside when nights get frosty. The fruit will happily keep ripening on the potted plants.

Lemon Drop Peppers have long had a loyal following at our vegetable stall  but we've had a hard time producing enough seed to add it to our catalog. Now we grow a bed in the greenhouse simply to have enough for seed.