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"Soil Builder" pasture mix, 100% certified organic - Cover Crop

  • $18.00

An excellent custom pasture mix prepared according to our specifications to provide maximum soil-building potential. A complex mix of legumes and grasses will feed the soil, go deep with taproots and build soil organic matter with fibrous roots. Potential as pasture for livestock as well. Diversified mix ensures adequate survival even in challenging weather and good overwintering. Small seeded mix requires nurse crop for weed control during establishment.

Composition: 20% single cut red clover + 15% white clover + 15% alfalfa + 20% perennial ryegrass + 10% tall fescue + 10% meadow fescue + 10% festulolium. 100% certified organic seed!

Suggested seeding rate 20-25kg/ha (18-22lbs/acre)